Searing Emotional Pain, Clinical Depression & Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Searing Emotional Pain, Clinical Depression & Narcissistic Abuse Recovery thumbnail

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Is it just sadness or are you clinically depressed? You’re not alone. I have been there.

Are you content to live with sadness, work every day, and deal with the dull, lingering effects of narcissist abuse? Are you feeling depressed, helpless, suicidal, or do you feel very miserable?

You need to know this: If your depression lasts more than a few days you may have clinical depression.

You can’t just accept the situation and keep it that way until you are living in misery.
What is Clinical Depression and Sadness Different?

It is not easy to answer. Your life could depend on it.

Importantly, you should know that clinical depression can’t be managed on its own. However, there are many options available that you can discuss and work with your doctor.

Sometimes, depression can go undiagnosed and lead to problems in your life. Major depression can often be accompanied by an inability to enjoy life.

Next week I will be presenting a series about how to overcome depression in your narcissistic abuse rehabilitation. Stay tuned!

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