Here’s Why ‘Using Depression As an Excuse’ Is a Myth [The Psychology]

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Do some people use depression as an excuse? Here’s why the idea of ‘using depression as an excuse’ is a myth based on the psychology of depression & mental illness. Board certified psychiatrist and APA fellow Dr. Sue Varma answers this question and more in this eye-opening interview.

In this discussion, Dr. Varma and MedCircle host Kyle Kittleson also explain…

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– Why or why not some people use depression as an excuse
– Kyle’s (who is diagnosed with major depression) experience of the stigma of being depressed
– Whether Dr. Varma has seen patients who are not depressed in her office, and who are simply “not taking responsibility”
– How clinical depression plays a part in someone’s resilience, self-esteem, and whether they “take responsibility” for their behavior
– A personal anecdote / example from Dr. Varma of a patient who could be mistaken as someone who is using depression and anxiety as an excuse

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